Our team

Filip Hašek

My name is Filip Hašek, 26 years old. My mission is to create a safe and inspirational environment full of joy and learning for children. Here is a brief overview of my journey:

Experience from a Private Kindergarten
Teaching and working with children have deep meaning for me. I have gained valuable experience from a private kindergarten, focusing on the individual needs of children.

Sibling Inspiration
From a young age, I learned to work with children through my younger brother. This experience helped me understand their world and create an environment full of love and understanding for them.

Former Professional Athlete 
In the past, I dedicated many years to professional sports, among other things, bringing not only discipline but also a passion for teamwork. I strive to transfer these values into my work with children. In addition to my experience in a private kindergarten, I have been a coach for children in an international football club, believing that sports are a great tool for developing not only physical skills but also character and collaboration.

Work Experience Abroad 
I have experience working abroad, enriching my perspectives on education and interpersonal relationships. I create an environment that reflects the diversity of cultures and encourages children to be open to the world.

Very Good English Proficiency
English is my second nature (C1), allowing us to enrich our activities and education with an international dimension.

Mgr. Martina Hašková

Martina graduated from the Secondary School of Education and continued her studies at the University of Education in Hradec Králové in the field of physical education and pedagogy, thanks to which she is well versed in psychology and sociology.

30 years of experience make her an extremely experienced teacher who has a natural authority with children. They immediately feel trust in her, feel safe and can express themselves in a completely natural way.

She prefers to raise children as equal partners, is patient, open and kind.

She is a lifelong educator in healthy living, in terms of healthy eating, physical and spiritual exercises, interpersonal relationships and their impact on personality development.

For three years she worked as a coach for the development of agility skills of the youngest football players (5-8 years old) in AC Sparta Prague.

Niki Tichotová

I'm Niki Tichotova, a 20-year-old phytotherapy student, an enthusiastic golf coach and a lover of children. I am involved heart and soul in the daily life of our kindergarten, where I take care of your little treasures with love and care.

My professional interest in phytotherapy leads me to discover the healing properties of plants and their positive effect on health. With this knowledge, I bring unique herb-related activities to the nursery, including talking about herbs and growing vegetables, fruits and herbs together on our property.

In addition to phytotherapy, I also do creative activities. I spend two hours each day with the children doing art projects to develop their artistic potential.

I am also in charge of the graphic design of our website and flyers, as well as social media. I try to bring a modern and welcoming look to our online community.

I believe that connecting with nature has a key impact on children's development. Every day we discover the beauty of nature together and learn about harmony with each other.

English is my second nature (C1), allowing us to enrich our activities and education with an international dimension.

I look forward to each new day filled with joy, laughter and discovery with your children!

Mgr. Martin Hašek

Martin graduated from the gymnasium in Pardubice and the University of Pedagogy in Hradec Králové in physical education and pedagogy.

Until the age of 37 he was a professional football player.

After finishing his active playing career, he spent the next 13 years as a youth and adult coach, where he made full use of his pedagogical and sports education.

He holds a UEFA Profi license, which is the highest possible coaching qualification in football.

"The education of our sons was crucial for us. That's why we have both consistently studied the issues of education and training and applied them in practice until today."