As part of the morning program in our kindergarten we regularly do rhythmic exercises. The children learn to feel the rhythm with Martinka, move to it and try out different sound instruments.


We also have regular guided walks in the nursery with Filip, who takes the children to different places where they can discover the beauty of nature, observe plants and animals, and learn about the surrounding environment.

Quiet time

Quiet time is dedicated to relaxation. Each child has the opportunity to relax and recharge for the rest of the day. This phase is designed to provide a quiet environment for rest.

For children who wish to sleep, we have provided comfortable means for short-term sleep. The calm and quiet environment promotes healthy sleep, which is essential for optimal development.

Gymnastics club

We offer a new gymnastics club that meets every Monday and Thursday at 4:15pm. This group is led by Martina, a former competitive gymnast with a wealth of experience. Martina has been involved in gymnastics throughout her sporting career and now brings her expertise and passion for movement directly to your children